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Afro Mania Vol.4 Present Tribe And Indian Vibes
Family Affair Chapter Three
The Original Masters Vol.1The Original Masters Vol.2The Original Masters Vol.3The Original Masters Vol.4The Original Masters Vol.5The Original Masters Vol.6The Original Masters Vol.7The Original Masters Vol.8The Original Masters Vol.9The Original Masters Vol.10The Original Masters Vol.11The Original Masters Vol.12
Past, Present and Future Vol.1Past, Present and Future 2Past, Present and Future 3Past, Present and Future 4Past, Present and Future 5Past, Present and Future 6Past, Present and Future 7Past, Present and Future 8Past, Present and Future 9
Afro Mania Vol.1Afro Mania Vol.2Afro Mania Vol.3
Funky, Soul &  much more vol.1Funky, Soul &  much more vol.2Funky, Soul &  much more vol.3Funky, Soul &  much more vol.4
Dreams la nuite 2Dreams la nuite 1
Brasil & Co.Vol.1Brasil & Co.Vol.2
Family Affair Chapter 1Family Affair Chapter 2Family Affair Chapter 3Family Affair Chapter 4
Latin To Jazz Chapter 1

Bossa, Jazz Samba 1

Milestone Records is an independent Record Label Music Publishing Company and record industry consulting firm representing up-and-coming unsigned Talent, smaller worldwide Labels and Music Publishers seeking licensing, distribution, publishing, record label deals and/or live performance (touring) opportunities for the acts we represent, in foreign territories. Domestically, Milestone Records works mainly in Advertisement/TV/Film licensing and synchronization.

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